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Welcome to “I hate Wal-mart”.com. Wal-mart has become the largest corporation in the world. Many would say that they accomplished this feat by abusive employer tactics, bullying their suppliers, etc. Stories are rampant about how Wal-Mart beats up suppliers into providing goods at lower margins which then forces these suppliers to outsource American Jobs to China. The list of accusations against Wal-Mart is many.

But are they true? As with any accusation, there are truths and fabrication. As the largest company of its kind, it is easy to pick on Wal-Mart. What would be the point on picking on the mom and pop store down the street? Besides, when Wal-Mart moved in, they went out of business. As a large corporate behemoth, Wal-Mart has the power and financial strength to do things most corporations do not have, such as political wrangling.

 So, is Wal-Mart evil, or just taking advantage of the situation given to them? Sears, Kmart and others all had a chance to succeed the way Wal-Mart did, but were not able to. Bad Luck? Bad Management? Maybe. Within these pages, you will be able to explore the thoughts of others in regards to Wal-Mart policies and practices. Additionally, unlike other sites, this site has up-to-date news feeds on certain activities of Wal-Mart such as lawsuits, discrimination, hiring practices, etc. Enjoy. Do not be shy.

Tell us what you think in the open forum! If you love Wal-Mart, tell us why? If you hate Wal-Mart. Or think Wal-Mart sucks, tell us why?  Do you despise Wal-Mart?  Does Wal-Mart have too much power?  Voice your opinion here.

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